5 Days ‘Til Launch


My name is Paul and I am the writer of Faces of a Small City, the new novel coming out 14.12.14, see blurb on the link below


I thought I may as well actually do a standard, traditional blog post to document this occasion.  I hope to find time to do more however:

  • I have a full time job which is also fairly new and takes up a lot of time
  • I have a social life (sort of)
  • I have family
  • Christmas is coming
  • I have to sort things out for the new novel
  • I also have a girlfriend, and they take up a lot of time.  But I love it!

I am going to talk about the fact that I am feeling very anxious as this could very much fail and blow up in my face.  I have been writing for a good part of 15 years and never published anything or had any script (I write scripts too) made into films, apart from 2 scripts I did at uni that were made into short films.

Writing is something I love, something I feel I was born to do and something, maybe the only thing I feel I am naturally and truly good at.  My writing is the thing I am most proud of and something I will never give up no matter how much I may fail in the future.  I must write.  My imagination is continuously creating, so even if my creations are not good I will always enjoy putting them to the page.

Tonight I have a free night to myself which I will not spend relaxing watching a film but will be busy photoshopping photos to promote Faces.  This has been my life for the last couple of months, preparing the novel and making things that will help people understand and get excited for my story.

And that is all I have to say for now.  I will hopefully have more to write down soon.  Probably not tomorrow night because I am seeing my current favourite band Rival Sons live in London, but soon I shall post again.


Thanks for reading.

Paul Stears


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