4 Days and Problems

I have to be quick as I am about to go to London to see a great band called Rival Sons, but just to give you an insight into the stress involved, I submitted my book to printing company Create Space who have formatted the cover of the novel incorrectly so 4 days until publishing I have to resubmit it and wait 24 hours to see if they get this one right.

If they do not I will have to spend my day off tomorrow trying to ignore distractions and the excitement of seeing a great band the night before to sort out my novel so it is ready for Sunday.

Will it be ready? Will publishing this book destroy me? Will my hair have turned grey through stress of making my novel perfect? Who knows.


I’m off to London to try and forget about the fact that this may not go right.



3 thoughts on “4 Days and Problems

  1. Don’t forget, Paul, the formatting is up to you. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Createspace to make mistakes their end but I’ve published nine books with them now and all mistakes have been mine.


    • Yes, sadly I realise it is mostly my mistakes although I can’t help but think technology is also against me. Your work on Amazon looks great! I hope mine comes out that good. Thanks for the comments Christine.


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