1 day to go and I everything still hangs in the balance

It is now 12.01pm. Saturday 13th December. I am still in my pyjamas. And I still do not know whether my novel will be ready for tomorrow.

Picture the scene. I come in after my work Christmas party, stone cold sober, which is how I find myself nowadays now that my lavish party life which influenced many passages in Faces of a Small City is over. I eagerly check Create Space (which is publishing the hard copy) to see if my imperfect cover has been uploaded. I log on. They tell me the cover had problems that need my attention. I check the cover. AND IT IS PERFECT!


This was at 1.00am last night. I got up this morning and checked Amazon and the cover is the old incorrect cover. Now, to be fair the whole thing is still processing on Create Space but with time ticking closer and closer to the planned release you can see why I am nervous.

So even though I went to bed last night feeling confident that everything was going to be ok, now anxiety and not knowing what the future will bring has returned and all I can do is stare at my computer screen and hope that when I next refresh my page everything will be ok.

I also hope there are no worries that I have neglected that will surprise me over the next week.

On a positive side, I feel happy with the interest I have generated. Sure, it is mostly from friends but friends are a good place to start and once the novel is out there I will try to market this with leaflets in places where I can get them and a continued presence on social media. My twitter page is growing slowly and last Sunday morning I went out and took some photos around Canterbury which I think have come out good.

So, positives and negatives. And in 24 hours?…



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