I am a published author, hear me roar!: I’ve become a walking advert

First of all, order your copy of Faces of a Small City here

Secondly, hello.

I have been very stressed recently and I apologise if you have read my blogs and thought, ‘why must he go on and on about how stressed he is’. I am sorry. I am less stressed now. Slightly.

Christmas is coming after all. And talking of Christmas, why not buy someone my book as a lovely stocking filler! (see link above) gosh I’ve become a walking advert.

I have decided to use this blog as a means to tell you information on Faces of a Small City, the writing process and the self publishing process as a way to get you interested in the novel and to help aspiring writers in anyway I can by sharing my own mistakes and misery. And the occasional LOL.

You can read the blurb for Faces here

Tomorrow I shall be sharing a blog entitled the Evolution of the Cover, so beware of that but for now, as it is so close to tea time I will be short and sweet.

Thanks for reading.



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