The Evolution of the Cover: Faces of a Small City

Sadly, people do judge a book buy it’s cover, hence the reason why I had to put a lot of thought into the cover for Faces.

Creat Cover Final

Above is the final front and back cover which, if you have read any of my other blogs, you’ll know I had a lot of trouble uploading. However the process of making it was not too stressful. I knew right from the get go that I wanted two hands reaching out for each other but not quite touching.

I then had a light blue background which I soon changed because The Fault In Our Stars by John Green had come out which had a similar blue colour on the cover and I did not want people to look at my cover thinking that I was copying. Also, I love that novel.

So as the novel is set in the summer time I tried summer colours, dabbling in yellows, oranges and greens. Finally settling on green, I then made the title and my name yellow to represent a field with yellow flowers. Showing it to people, they did not seem keen, and suggested other colours: purples, or peaches, or turquoise, or mint greens.

Mint green! Perfect, I thought. After Googling mint green with peach I found out those two colours worked well especially as wedding themes. That is what the websites told me anyway. And the mint green tested well amongst friends and family members. However “the peach was not powerful enough” they told me.

I needed something darker. So I went for the blue.

Now, about the hands. I originally wanted them in silhouette so went to Google images for hands and chose a few but as soon as I silhouetted them they just looked deformed; fingers looked missing or oddly shaped. So I had to do them in colour. I also realised if I was going to do this I would have to take the image myself. So I did.

Then I played around with the image on Photoshop (which I really recommend you do not use because it was such a pain!) until finally I got what I wanted.

I put the whole thing together and was happy with the result. It is bright but not too in your face, I like the picture of the two hands, and the layout. All in all I was proud of it. And still am.

The only problem then came when trying to get it uploaded…

But anyway. That is how I made the cover. If I had to give tips they would be:

  • Think about the style, tone and feel of your novel because the images and colours should reflect this
  • Don’t be lazy. Don’t just google it!
  • Research existing covers you know and love
  • Avoid Photoshop if you can.

Evolution of Cover2

Thanks for readng. Click Here to buy Faces of a Small City and please come back for more blogs on my experience with self publishing.



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