Author Twitterers Following Other Authors, Why?

I worked a 12 hour day today driving around the M25 and then had to go out for some Christmas shopping so I am knackered.

Good news! Yesterday I received my hard copy of Faces of a Small City! I was so taken aback. It was magical, unbelievable and wonderful. A large smile spread across my face as the cover looked great. SUCCESS! The only problem is that there are no page numbers which is a bit embarrassing but if anyone asks I’ll just say it is an artistic option…

I will try and sort that out though.

So, yeah. I am still very tired but I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders as all the stresses of the book and in my work life and personal life seem to be over. Now I just have Christmas to look forward to. And after Christmas Faces marketing will kick into a higher gear.

A word on Twitter. I am getting followers every single day which is great. But the followers are either other authors or Twitter accounts designed to help market your book. Marketers are fine but why are authors following other authors? They follow me and if I like the look of them I follow them back and then they send me a message saying ‘please read my book’.


I’ll read your book if you read mine. I don’t even have time to read your book though because I am busy publishing mine. It doesn’t make any sense. Why are authors targeting other authors? Let’s face it, I don’t want to read another authors work in case I read it and think, that is amazing and now I am jealous!

I think this scene from Midnight In Paris (2011) best sums up my point when the main character, played by Owen Wilson meets Ernest Hemingway and asks him to read his novel…

“If it’s bad I’ll hate it because I hate bad writing, and if it is good I’ll be envious and hate it all the more. You don’t want the opinion of another writer.”

So, thanks for the follow but stop asking me to read your book! But still read mine, please.


Please buy my book HERE



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