My First Review: Oh Dear

Good Morn’ to you all!

Have you bought Faces of a Small City yet? BUY IT HERE

So I checked my Amazon page and found my first review. 1 star.

” I purchased this book with the highest expectations.”

I’ll take that as a compliment!

“Suffice to say, I was disappointed”

Sorry. The reviewer then goes on to point out an example of one of my “sheer lunacy” of grammatical errors. To be fair, the person is correct. There is a comma where there should not be.

“Is basic grammar no longer on the national curriculum?” He asks. That is brilliant, I am now an example for a political discussion.

“No sooner had I picked this book up, I was flicking through daytime TV in search of alternative entertainment. In the end I had to settle for ‘Jonny’s guide to soiling oneself’.”….I think he made that program up for effect.

My first review, ladies and gentlemen.

Truth be told I am slightly hung over from an office party and this review has worsened my mood. As I write this from my bed I now feel more encouraged to stay within my duvet. The embarrassment this novel puts me through continues but I must hold my head up and say at least I tried.

At least I tried.

And if you have bought Faces feel free to leave a review. Be honest now! Don’t hold back dear friends, enemies and readers.

Have a good weekend,



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