My First Review Part 2: My First Experience With an Internet Troll

So, to go on from my post yesterday, it turns out my first review, which was a 1 star review was an internet troll.

First of all, he posted a quote of mine that had incorrect grammar as an example of how I had used poor grammar. After checking the quote in the hard copy and kindle copy, I saw that he had fabricated the quote to make it incorrect.

Also, my girlfriend confirmed that the person who commented was someone she went to university with. As she had shared my novel on her Facebook wall I guess he had seen this and then went on the attack.

Finally he referred to someone called Jonny who is a friend of his and an acquaintance of my girlfriends.

The evidence mounts up.

Basically, I was what the internet folks call “Trolled” by someone who wanted to go out and annoy my girlfriend in a rather extreme way. Now, it took a lot to hold back my emotion and to comment back a long tirade of my opinions on his comments and what I thought of his attempt to mislead people who wanted to read my novel. But common sense prevailed and I thought I would act maturely.

However I did just want to clear the issue up on the blog and also post my experience for other self publishers who might have gone through this. I have never knowingly met the commenter let alone wronged them which is an indication of their character, I suppose. It really is strange how people react to things, and sad. But, to quote wise philosopher Taylor Swift, “haters gonna hate”.

They say if you are going to do things like this you have to have a thick skin and I am sure this has been a great lesson for me to be careful of people, because you never know who is out there and what you might face.

But there you go. I did plan to release a blog on one of my characters today but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and thank you to all those who have followed this blog so far. Please do not be afraid to comment!

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