Character Study: James Middleton Lake – Faces of a Small City

Name: James Middleton Lake

Age: Mid 20’s

Occupation at beginning of novel: Photographer at a nightclub called Bellvar

Lives with: Mother

Education: Photography degree

Quote: He particularly relished watching the women walk by, every one of them beautiful to James.  He watched eager to sample every single woman in the world, wanting to have kissed them all.

Likes: The Peacock’s Tavern bar, chatting up women, looking at himself in the mirror, Rum and cola, Reggae music

Dislikes: Uncool people, cars, being drunk, breaking up with women

Author Notes:

I think James is a walking contradiction. He is both wise but naive, a lover but licentious, wanting to be both young and old and is cool but also out of control. He, I hope, represents what it is to be in your mid 20’s caught between the two worlds of young adulthood and adulthood.

In the novel he ends up going to London and in this trip I think he makes his transformation, with life teaching him valuable lessons. My intentions were for him to enter London a young adult, and leave a man.

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