A Writer’s Christmas

Merry Christmas!

This is being released on Christmas Eve but as I have a busy couple of days seeing family and those types of things we are all subjected to over Christmas I am writing a Christmas message now.

My internet is being painfully slow. Haha, I hate Christmas. I feel like there should be no moaning over Christmas. As we tuck into meals that are way too much for one person to eat and not consider the terrible struggles other people go through around the world, moaning should be the last thing we do. DON’T MOAN! Merry Christmas!

So I saw a group of friends last night which was lovely and they were all keen to know about my novel. They expected me to have a copy of it on me to read to them… Should I carry around a copy of my novel all the time? Is that a bit embarrassing?

I think so.

Anyway, have a great Christmas and those writers out there remember, no matter how difficult you may find it, try to switch off that imagination of yours and live in reality just for a day, for the sake of the people around you.

Merry Christmas,



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