Christmas Is Over (War is Not): Self Publishing and Marketing

I am back after my Christmas break which was ok, if not a bit family heavy. I had no time to myself to gather thoughts, reflect and let my imagination go but come 2015 I should be back in front of my keyboard typing, editing and working.

In addition to MARKETING!

Oh, on that note, if you have not bought my new novel Faces of a Small City, purchase here

I have a few plans as well as doing more blog posts, twittering, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Check out my social media page for links to all those pages. I plan to make leaflets to hand out to the local area including Canterbury (where the novel is set).

So far sales of Faces have been slow but that is expected. And after re-uploading my novel on Create Space everything is perfect so BUY BUY BUY! Although I stand by earlier comments that Create Space is a load of rubbish.

There are more blog posts coming up on subjects including: influences, character profiles, news and updates so please keep coming back to this page and remember to READ, REVIEW and SHARE THE LOVE.

Review It




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