Why choose a certain city for your novel?

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For my novel Faces of a Small City (purchase here) I chose to base the story in the city of Canterbury. You’ll find the small city in Kent, amongst the countryside of which the county is famed for. Canterbury is dear to me as I studied there for 5 years, going to college and eventually getting my university degree. However my academic achievements were not why I fell in love with the city, but because of the people and the place.

I met some truly wonderful people who I would consider life long friends during my time there. The city as a whole is a beautiful mix of young and old blended together in a modern style with people of many ages living together. As mentioned in the novel it is a small city compared to the likes of London (London is located an hour North of Canterbury) but in it’s tiny size is where it finds it’s quaint charm.

I spent much of my time, between the ages of 17 and 21 going there, exploring the bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, and it was my time in those establishments that influenced much of the first 2 parts of the novel. Dancing and drinking with friends, having good times and sometimes wild times, partying in a footloose and fancy-free manner that we thought would never end.

And this feeling really pushes the first half of the novel. That is until reality hits. And that is where Faces takes a turn that leads the main character, James to his second city, London…

Please check out my novel on Amazon, enjoy my other blogs and why not take a trip to Canterbury. It is a great city with great sites, some of which are included in the novel, plus there are plenty of tourist places to visit.

Thanks for reading!



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