2015 – Let’s do this!

I am supposed to be editing wedding footage that I shot at the wedding I attended yesterday, however technology, like always, has thwarted my plans. I am beginning to think it hates me, you know.

So I thought I’d do my first blog post of the year.


Probably my best most healthiest year of this decade. I have not drunk as much alcohol, felt as bad and my brain has been more balanced. For the first time since 2010 I feel relatively content with myself. For 4 years I walked waywardly, not knowing what, why, when, where or how. I’ve had some great memories: my 1st holiday abroad in 5 years and 1st holiday with my girlfriend in Turkey, visiting Bristol and Bath and seeing a great firework display and, of course, publishing my novel.



There have been some bad points of 2014 as well, for example the passing of my granddad and my cat Pernod being put down but I will look at the positives.

As for 2015?

Getting Faces of a Small City read will be my priority for the first half of the year. The second half will be preparing for my next novel Halliam to be released…

As for New Years Eve, I had a great time going to a family friends’ wedding. I filmed it for them and have offered to edit the footage which I may regret because it probably will not do much for my nerves but there you go. I do it because I love editing (video. Not novels. Editing novels is a massive pain).

Please take a look at my novel Faces of a Small City here

And follow me on Twitter @PaulStearsNews and I will follow you back if you look interesting enough.

Hope you had a great new year. New year = new writing challenges. Please come back and check out my journey any time.

BRING ON 2015!



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