Releasing A Novel Around Christmas: What I Learnt

“Release a novel around Christmas,” he said, “it’ll be a good idea” he said.

My logic seemed sound. My novel could be a late minute Christmas present for a loved one. Plus people will be in the spending mood. And how hard could releasing a novel be?

Turns out I was wrong. People don’t have money to spend 2 weeks before Christmas. Why? Because people are smart, shop smart! And they have already got their presents or know what they are getting people by then.

Also, turns out it isn’t easy releasing a novel. It takes up all your attention and time. You are constantly checking emails and preparing. You worry and panic, obsess over Twitter and Facebook so as many people know about it as possible. You set up websites and Photoshop things and then, unexpectedly, technology fails on you and everything goes horribly wrong.

All this happens while you are shopping for presents yourself and trying to sort out who you should see on what days so as not to offend the relatives.

Self publishing a novel is not easy so do yourself a favour and don’t do it at the busiest time of the year. Be smart and do it at time when you know you can dedicate everything to it. That is certainly what I’ll do next time around. Now I’m off to do more marketing!!



2 thoughts on “Releasing A Novel Around Christmas: What I Learnt

    • Believe me, I wish I could have the key that unlocks marketing treasure. Just keep blogging, tweeting, facebooking, emailing and never give up. I have come close. I may still do. But at the moment I keep pushing.


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