Away On Business: Mixing Work Life With Self Publishing Life

So,the past two days I have been in a place called Kendal by the Lake District on business which sounds very official. I had fun but it was bloomin’ cold up north and I could not get any promoting for Faces done!

Not much to report on Faces of a Small City, although even though I’ve been gone 2 days it feels like ages since I’ve done anything.  I have been contacting authors and bloggers to see if they would be willing to read my novel for more reviews and actually, and surprisingly, heard back from some people!

If you are interested in reading Faces and then writing a blog on it that would be awesome and please get in contact via twitter @paulstearsnews.  It would be great to get more people talking about it but I know I am gonna have to work on that myself.  Sadly not many would do it off their own back but hey, nothing is easy!

I have been working on my third novel.  I am 59 pages into that bad boy and it seems to be going well considering I am writing it in a stop, start kind of way.  The re-reads could be awful though but we shall see.  And I am waiting for a free weekend to go back to my second novel and re-read that after months of focusing on Faces.

This weekend I will be heading up north once again to see my girlfriend at university which will be nice but will also mean Faces marketing will get neglected but I don’t care because I have not seen my girlfriend in 2 weeks.

Please, if you have not already check out my previous two blogs on literary influence (click the links below) then please do…

Part 1: The Great Gatsby

Part 2: Seize The Day

And get ready for a 3rd and final blog on a novel that greatly inspired Faces.  Not just a novel, it represents a culture that came around in the 50s.  I will probably make that public ermm Sunday evening perhaps.

So, that is all the updates on my end.  Hope you are well.  Also please check out this video of me reading the prologue to Faces of a Small City!

Thanks for reading,



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