Day Out In London

As the title suggests, I am having a day out in London with some old friends, the old friends that inspired a lot of the 1st part of Faces of a Small City. Back in my university days we’d spend days in the library and nights in the clubs. That was life:

Revise, eat, drink, dance, sleep, repeat…

They were good days and even though in Faces they are seen through the eyes of those who are too old for that lifestyle, they still look back on those days they had with fondness and watch the young ones whose turn it is with jealousy.

And that is what today is about for me, meeting up with those friends who I once enjoyed that lifestyle with however are too old for it now.  I am sure we will party it up in our own way though. It’ll just be a lot more chilled out, mind you. And that is a good way to go.

Now, you are probably reading this wondering, is this guy like 40 years old?  And sometimes I feel that way but there is a long way between the ages 18 and 25.  There is a lot of learning and growing up done which of course is one of the story arcs seen in my novel, Faces of a Small City.

Anyway, enough talk, I need to put on my best shirt and head on out to the capital.

Check out Faces of a Small City here

Thanks for reading,

Forever yours,





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