Character Study: Jakes, homeless? Alien? Cat? Ghost? Cupid?

Faces of a Small City (click here) opens with a monologue by the 3rd main character in the novel, Jakes, and he is homeless. The opening monologue was definitely based on the style that Shakespeare uses in his plays, addressing the audience with what to expect and to set the tone of the story. You can see this monologue read by me below:

Even though Faces is written in 3rd person it could be suggested that Jakes is the narrator. He isn’t, I never wanted him to be but it could be suggested. Personally I see him as a character who is going on a story with us, not part of the story but observing from a distance. Also, he is there to push the story along.


Jakes was my favourite character to write because not only was he an interesting and funny personality but he is an enigma. The way he is written makes him ambiguous. Is he an alien? Is he a cat? A ghost? A figment of someone’s imagination? Is he either James or Maisie’s father? Or, as he prophesied that James and Maisie will fall in love, is Jakes cupid?

I am not going to tell you the answer here. To be honest I do not truly know myself. I want you to make up your own mind by reading it, dammit! So go, click the link above and enjoy my novel 🙂 And don’t forget to review, tweet and share the love.

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