Love Is In the Air and Creating a Thick Lovely Smog

As I finalise the Mix Tape (or should I say MixCD) I have made my darling girlfriend I turn to my blog to do a post in preparation for Valentine’s Day, or V-Day as I like to call it because it conjures up fearful feelings.

So, as you may know I have released a novel, which is a love story called Faces of a Small City. Click on the link below to see it on Amazon. (UK)

or (US)

If you are looking for a romantic story to read over the Valentine’s Day weekend then please click one of the links above.

Now, to celebrate Valentine’s Day I will be publishing a poem about love on this blog as well as on Jottify ( and it will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Also I am planning a free giveaway for my novel on Amazon for the kindle version so as long as technology does not fail me it will be available for free on Amazon over the Valentine’s Day weekend!

As for me and my girlfriend, we shall be having a quiet night in cooking some lovely food. We are also going on a day trip to the National Archives in London tomorrow because as a History student she has to research some subjects and I thought I’d take a day off from work to be her research assistant.

I also hope to find out some interesting info of my own which will be fun. I am sure I will let you know how it all went. Oh, also I will probably do a youtube video of me reading the poem I plan to release on V-Day, forgot to mention that. It is late and I am tired so, I apologise.

Finally, I am obssessed with Find Your Love by Drake at the moment. For a long time I refused to jump on the Drake bandwagon, accusing him of ruining rap with his RnBesque soft rap crap but, no, that song is a TUUUUNE.

Forever yours,


love is aClick a PicPigeon


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