Love Is Fireworks: Something special for Valentine’s Day

Love Is Fireworks

by Paul Stears

Love is fireworks
Whizzing and banging,
Rockets shooting high
With sparkled golden
Trails; a tail of shimmering
Glitter following its path.
People stare up to heavens
Mouths agape, gawping
And groaning in pleasure,
Cooing in awe
And wonder at
Climax after climax of
Lights and flashes.
Although in the end
The spectacle fades
Into black and all that is
Left is ghostly mist,
The memory remains.
A show so impressive
It takes place
Next to heaven, with
Twinkling, infinite sky
As its backdrop.
In the smallest of rocket
The biggest bang can
Echo across the stars,
As we hold one another
Looking at our fireworks
Rising and rising,
Higher and higher
Until boom fizzles
Into sleep.
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Thanks for reading
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Forever Yours,
Me and GatsbyClick a Piclove is a

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