Valentine’s Day is Over, now go buy your flowers!

Success!  That is how I’d rate my Valentine’s Day. Using the Amazon Promotions option I made Faces of a Small City (click here) FREE yes FREEEEE on the Kindle from the 13th until the 18th and what an awesome idea it was. The number of downloads I got was great, more than I expected and when I got home Friday night (Friday the 13th no less) I had loads of people getting Faces. Yes, I didn’t make any money but right now money isn’t as important as getting my writing out there!

I was chuffed. The only problem was I wish I had done it sooner! Why didn’t I do it on the 11th or 12th?  The days leading up to Valentines? That is my one regret but you learn and if I can I will definitely be doing this next year. If you are self publishing a romance novel I absolutely recommend you do this!


As for my Valentines Day weekend, it was good. On Friday I went to the National Archives in London to help my girlfriend research for her degree in History. We left at 7 in the morning and got home at 7 in the evening so long, long day. It was like spending a day in the library, there was absolute silence. And the thought that I had documents dating back from 1832 in my hands was just mind blowing.

Saturday we went to the small Kent town of Whitstable, near Canterbury, where Faces if set and we had a look around. You can always tell how good a place is by how attractive their residents are and there were some good looking folk there so I would recommend it.

11004252_10155251194430287_196237015_n (me in Whitstable)

Then in the evening my girlfriend and I cooked dinner and watched The Lego Movie which was good, although not as brilliant as the hype suggested, in my opinion.

I also released my poem, Love Is Fireworks on Valentines Day (go to the bottom of the page to find a link to it) which I think got a good reaction so I am pleased with that. If you have not read it yet please go check it out! Anyway, that was my Valentines Day weekend. How was yours? Did you get spoilt?

Just remember Valentines Day shouldn’t be the one and only day you do something special for your loved one. Surprise them on a random Tuesday in November or something! You will get more loving then all those blokes stood around the cheap flowers in the Supermarket the day before V-Day, that’s for sure!

And that is it from me. Thanks for reading and please come back for more blogs.

Forever Yours,


Click the Pic to read Love Is Fireworks by your humble narrator, Paul Stears



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