Pay It Forward: Author Style

If you are new to self publishing, let me give you a lesson. On twitter, if you are an author, you don’t get readers following you at first, you get other authors. Authors looking to get you to read their book while you as an author try to get them to read your book. To quote James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause,

“You, you say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again!”

Tearing Me Apart

So, what you have to do is use this to your advantage. Offer to read their novel in exchange for them reading yours. That is what I did and I ended up meeting a wonderful, friendly author named Eloise De Sousa who kindly let me read her novel Deception (Find it on Amazon Here) in exchange for her reading Faces of a Small City.

Honesty is the best policy and we were both real with each other, giving compliments and constructive criticism where necessary. It was a very gratifying experience and I feel I have found a trustworthy person who I would happily work with in the future.

I highly recommend this as it gets other people reading your work while you can learn from others, go deeper into the author community and check out competition 😉 just remember:

  • Be polite
  • Be truthful
  • Be open – don’t be protective over your words, it may be your baby but no baby is perfect (if they were we’d be living in a utopia (but that’s beside the point))

So, to sum up, you know that stupid phrase you hear people say, “Pay It Forward”? Yeah, start doing it!

Big shout out to Eloise De Sousa who has been nothing but lovely to me.

Thanks for reading,

Forever Yours,


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5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward: Author Style

  1. Great to hear that Paul!! You will do well…just keep learning…it is a lifelong process 🙂 If you like, run over to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog and look at his submission requirements and get featured over there…He is a wonderful person and make sure to read his about me page 🙂

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