#amwriting! Whose #amreading?

As #amwriting trends for what feels like an endless run of evenings, I stop feverishly writing to wonder, me and all these other tweeters are amwriting, so, who is reading?



Why is there never #amreading trending? So I search #amreading….and it turns out it is mostly people also #amwriting – authors, bloggers and the like.  So where are the everyday #amreaders?  Are they still queuing to see 50 Shades of Grey at the cinema?  Or are they reading To Kill A Mockingbird after OMG-ing over the news of a possible sequel (another book related trending topic on twitter recently).

I suppose what I am getting at is this, the eerie, unfathomable, nightmarish question that authors today seem to be ignoring in their quest to be the next E.L James, J.K Rowling or Stephenie Meyer…are there now more writers in the world then there are readers?

All I can say is, having just googled Stephenie Meyer, I now think she is strangely attractive and will add her to my list of odd crushes, along with Helen Mirren and Lily Cole.

To be honest, I don’t have an answer.  What I am saying could all be just scaremongering poppycock that can be disproved with a bunch of facts and figures to do with book sales and kindle users. I could be doing all this just so I can write a tweet featuring #MondayBlogs which, as you can see from above is also trending. All I truly know is like a homeless person begging for money, I now beg for followers, jumping on any and all bandwagons with a keen eye to satirise, hence this blog.

Now all I have to do is write a novel that will tap into a hole in the zeitgeist that begs to be filled, whether it be blood sucking, sexy vampires or…sucking, whipping, sexy sadomasochists. That’ll get me trending.  Oh twitter, twitter love me twitter LOVE ME!!!!

Who have I become?



Please read Faces of a Small City here

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