Monday Coffee

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Lights twinkle in the distance and a freezing fog wraps itself round the stragglers outside the coffee house. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and lively; no thought to the time as dawn slowly breaks through the gloom to expose the chilly day ahead.

Hugh sipped at his fifth hot chocolate with a hint of Southern Comfort. His Mildred Awards Ceremony, watched by nine million viewers was a raging success and most of the guests had passed through the coffee house at some point during the evening. Olga smiled from behind her steaming cup, reminiscing over the speeches and laughter whilst Jen discussed the award winners with Vashti and the incredible array of books and talent given before the awards began.

Lance sat nursing his drink, his tuxedo a bit out of place and dusty from his last coach tour to Macedonia. I sauntered over, trying not to trip in my…

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