Character Study: Maisie – Faces of a Small City

Name: Maisie Mercer

Age: Mid 20’s

Occupation at beginning of novel: Marketing Executive in London

Lives with: Mother

Quote: However her outer fearlessness had hid the breaking heart that slowly cracked inside of her.  Away from any eyes she liked to do girly things like dressing up and taking flattering pictures of herself.

Likes: Visiting her father’s grave in the summer, music, dressing up, working in London, cars and motorbikes

Author Notes:

Maisie starts off as a tragic figure. She should have had a normal life but the death of her father changed everything for her and her mum. That being said I do not pity her because she is a strong woman and in my opinion a true heroine. Even though she has weaknesses, it does not define her as a woman but as a person. And, like everyone, she keeps on going and living life in hope.

A girly tomboy, a beauty in an ugly world; her problems are deeper than the main male protagonist, James and I feel her struggles make his look minor, making her the true hero of the novel, however they complete each other. I am proud of the character of Maisie and hope her character arc is not just an uplifting story of the power of woman but the power of the human psyche.

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