Listening to Creative People Talk About Creativity Is a Means to Creative Nourishment

As the title suggests, listening to creative people talk about creativity is a means to creative nourishment, no matter what the context. Take this interview with music producer Rick Rubin:

This guy has worked with so many musicians, including some of my favourites: Eminem, Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Just looking at the albums he has been involved with and you will see that he has helped some of the artists he has worked with achieve their best work.

And as I sit and watch him talking about the creative process and working with other musicians it gets my mind steam rolling!  My fingers get itchy and I just want to type, type, type.  This guy lives in the ultimate paradise for creative thoughts to breed.  I am jealous.  Really jealous.

Even though he is a music producer and I write novels, just hearing his thoughts on people’s creative processes urges me, kick starting my imagination like a seed in my mind.

‘[System of a Down] clearly didn’t fit but they were so good that they transcended not fitting, and those are the artists I like the best.’

I especially appreciated what Rubin said about System of a Down (quoted above).  As a writer that is what I try to be.  I try to be different.  Every time I write something I want to give you something new.  Whether I do that or not is up to you to decide but that is what I try to achieve and I think that is what garners the most respect.  It is exactly the same for when he talks about Ed Sheeran at 52 minutes, wanting him to stick to his own unique sound.

Is my writing unique?  Maybe, maybe not. But hearing Rick Rubin say that keeps me going.  It keeps my creative pulse beating.  What gets your creative pulse beating?  Who gets your creative pulse beating?

Find what spurs you on and get creative.

Forever Yours,


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5 thoughts on “Listening to Creative People Talk About Creativity Is a Means to Creative Nourishment

  1. I totally agree with you. It is so stimulating to get together with other creative people. In a way, even better if they are not fellow writers, although it is great to mix with authors whose inspirational juices are flowing. I had a fantastic time at the Southern African Empowerment and Cultural Workshop on Saturday, with authors, fashion designers, musicians, documentary makers and all kinds of other wonderful people.

    This interview with Rick Rubin is excellent. I started dipping into it at work, and got sucked in. I should be working! I have to force myself to save the link and listen to the whole interview tonight when I get home. I envy Zane Lowe for getting this opportunity to sit and chat with Rubin.


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