My Week With a Man Flu

The pain is real, people.  The pain is real real.


It begun Tuesday evening, around a midnight dreary where upon I began to get weak and weary.  I nodded, nearly napping, when suddenly my head started tapping.  It grew heavy, oh so heavy and when I awoke on Wednesday morning, covered in a layer of glowing sweat, I crawled into the shower as a test to see how I would fare performing normal everyday tasks.  I did not fare well.

Spending most of Wednesday napping I managed to fit in a watching of the film L.A Confidential in addition to some episodes of TV show Breaking Bad.  Thursday was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday accept with the addition of more coughing and chest pains – a result of the coughing.

Today (Friday) I feel much better but could not make it to work.  I got into the shower to see how I would fare doing normal everyday tasks… and I still felt light headed and tired so returned to my bed.

I just pray that I am better for the weekend.  In terms of writing, I feel frustrated because I have not had the energy to do any writing.  Also I have not been able to keep up with social media, losing Twitter momentum because I did not keep up with the usual amount of tweets I usually make.

So this week has pretty much been a write off (pun intended!) and my man flu has been bloody awful.  Any one going through what I am, I feel for you.  I hope your white blood cells do their job and get you feeling 100% ASAP.

Hope you get better soon.

Forever yours,



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