The Time Traveler’s Wife: Book Review

I picked this book up as I am writing a science fiction novel with moments of romance and mortality, hoping that this would give me inspiration, however in that respect I was disappointed. It is not science fiction and any ideas of mortality aren’t dealt with until the final part of the book (which I thought was good but was left wondering why Niffenegger did not do this throughout the whole of the novel).

Those looking for a romance with a twist, this is perfect for you. I enjoyed the two main characters, I felt like they were real people, but also the kind you’d find in a Woody Allen film (intellectual and witty). That being said (SLIGHT SPOILER: SORRY) I did not feel very moved by the ending.

This is a thick book that did not need to be. I skimmed through a lot of parts that seemed to be shoved in to make it what I like to call a ‘brick book’ which seems to be all the rage nowadays. Finally, the C word did not need to be thrown in, the couple of times it does appear, it completely takes you out of the story.

To sum up, this is a good story with ok characters; just in need of an edit and a little more philosophical weight.

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