Author Vs Life: Please Just Let Me Write!

The time has come. 4 weeks free. 1 rewrite. Plans done. I am ready to go.

“Paul, can you help me with this?”

But…but I am about to start rewriting my novel. Please people just leave me alone.

As an author, have you ever considered committing a crime just so you can go to prison to avoid everyone and everything in order to do what you love without the world trying to hold you back?

FYI, I watched Shawshank Redemption last night.

I am ready to write, words are on the tip of my brain ready to flow out of me and I am spending valuable time I don’t want to waste watching the butt crack of my father as he bends over, jeans half way down his rear, trying to put a monitor on a stand…Don’t ask.

I hate abbreviations (apologies for FYI) but I think the only way I can truly express my aggravation is to say FML. F M mother lovin’ L.

The rewrite still awaits. My second novel will be coming….when the crack says so.

My first novel is available here or if you live in America there

Forever Yours,


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