Paul’s Existential Crisis a poem by Paul Stears

Paul’s Existential Crisis

Stuck in a traffic jam

Only five minutes from home,

Yet here we are sat in a queue

Because somebody can’t drive.

There is an open lane free

But well trained are we,

We’d rather waste our time

Because somebody died

On a common-place drive.

No, I don’t care they’re dead,

A human is an abstract entity that’s turned into an abstract enemy,

No, not by church but by the nine o’clock news.

My car crash face sighs

Pulling an ironic face in a selfie.

Time stands still #bored.

Capturing my best side while I can’t drive.

You could be stood next to the most beautiful site in the world,

Yet we can’t see it past your big, posing, looming head.


Is the selfie our way of avoiding

The fact that we will never be famous?

We are doing what the famous people do.

Kanye is God. He has millions of fans.

More disciples than any messiah.

Beware the devil in desire.

No! I will desire what I want and right now I want to get home.

Now I’m questioning my own home just as the engine of an airplane falls

And crashes down on my waiting car.

Crushed.  And what for?

Unfortunate are we humans.

Thank god I took that selfie before I went.

My beauty will live an eternity on the Internet.

Thanks for reading this poem written by me.  Hope you enjoyed it and let me know your opinions in the comments.
Happy writing!
Forever Yours,
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