5 Things That Go Through My Mind Whilst Writing

Here are 5 things that go through my mind whilst writing. Does this happen to you too?

1. Things that shouldn’t be funny are funny after hours of writing

‘But on this day he stayed awake, pulling sour faces throughout the readong’……….. LOL I just wrote readong


2. Self doubt or poor preparation

I should have done more research on this subject

Tearing Me Apart

3. Forgettin’ what you have written

Did I write that this character had red hair or brunette hair earlier in the book?


4. The little achievements

That alliteration just made this sentence, BOOM!

5. The right conditions

This music is too distracting *turns music off* I hate working in silence *puts on different song* this music is too distracting *repeats process*


Thanks for reading!

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Forever yours,


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