From Home to Glasgow With No Room For A View

This is going to be a quick one (apologies for any errors), mainly to gloat about the day I have just had which consisted of the following schedule:

22nd July

19.00: Bed Time ~ Sun still up

23nd July

02.30: Alarm goes off ~ Dark out

03.00: Leave house ~ Dark Still

03.30: Arrival in Faversham ~ No sun

05.00: Arrival in Gatwick Airport ~ Little sun

09.00: Land in Glasgow ~ More or less sun

12.30: Lunch ~ Unpredictable Scottish weather

17.00: Glasgow airport ~ Raining

21.15: Arrive back in Faversham ~ Suns set

22.00: Home ~ Dark out

Just under 20 hours, 2 flights, not much sleep, smelly and tired.

No writing done.

Somewhere in the clouds I got major urges to write.

Never time to write.

I guess you have to be rich enough to not have to work so you can write or marry someone who can pay for you to write.

Whatever. I am off to bed.

Forever yours,


20141217_200012Click a PicGrad



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