You Tubers I Am Obsessed With

Just a quick one on some You Tube people I am obsessed with. Some you’ve heard of, some hopefully you have not…


I found this channel through Thug Notes, a hilarious and intelligent channel that analyses classic and current novels, plays and poems.

They also do 8-Bit Philosophy and Earthling Cinema (how aliens might view our films of today) that I thoroughly recommend.

(Please watch this until the end!!! It’s LOLsome)

Matthew Santoro

This guy has had his ups and downs and his videos are hit and miss but I have not stopped watching over the past 2 years.

The School of Life

Great for philosophy, art and those metaphysical questions you love to ask.

Screen Junkies

For movie news, geekiness and Honest Trailers, this You Tube channel is great!

Gregory B. Sadler

I’ve only just found this guy but as I am getting into Philosophy I have found his videos great. He does spend a little too much time trying to contextualise theory rather than just teaching what thinkers thought, but still, an informative watch from someone who comes across as a really cool teacher.

Kermode And Mayo

For the latest film reviews and rants…

Ellen Brock

For writers, this editor and teacher is great!


Who doesn’t love John Green and his brother Hank Green? I found them first on CrashCourse, then found The Fault In Our Stars and then got sucked in by Vlogbrothers. Here’s a few…

Finally, just a little something that hasn’t left my head all week. I’m sure in a few weeks time I would’ve forgotten about it but at the time of writing this blog it just makes sense.

Hope you enjoyed my You Tube obsessions.

Thanks For Reading

Forever yours,


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