The “Swarms” Are Coming, The “Swarms” Are Coming!

Look Dave, here’s one of the flies coming from that “swarm” you promised us!

David Cameron Swarms

They’re getting closer!

Now.  I don’t pretend to be a particularly politically-minded person.  In fact I know little to nothing.  I also don’t pretend to be a humanitarian.  In fact, no matter who you are, you have the capacity to annoy me so I am just going to hate you for being HUMAN.  No matter race, colour or creed.  I get annoyed easily.  Especially while driving.  You people really need to stop learning how to drive!


Here we are with a 3 year old refugee washed up on the beach and just like that, over night, not only has Britain, but the whole world changes their minds on immigrants.  They even go from being dirty immigrants, to desperate refugees.

Why did it have to take such an awful image to sway people’s minds around the world?  The Simpson’s Helen Lovejoy put it best when she said, ‘Won’t somebody please think of the children?’ and now David Cameron calling them all swarms must leave him with embarrassment egg on his face, surely?

After his decision to let thousands of refugees in, everyone probably sees him as a hero now.  It seems like the nation’s social consciousness has been transformed overnight.  Remember racist Jade Goody who turned into a saintly mother overnight with the announcement of cancer.  Or suspected paedophile, Michael Jackson, who became an angel when he was possibly murdered?

Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

Michael Jackson ~ Earth Song

For those Michael Jackson lovers, remember the message of love and peace he used to push at us?  Are you the same people that hate your country being over run by non-white people and bloomin’ immigrants?

‘Hell is other people,’ Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in his 1944 play No Exit. Maybe this is the underlying problem. We just all hate each other. We can only band together if we face injustice together. I bet if an alien invasion threatened our existence, suddenly the Western world and terrorist groups would be holding hands together. It is them against us on a global scale.

And what of the “swarms” now?  The press has already gone back to hating them by publicising that ISIS has apparently planted loads of terrorists among the refugees. Oh, the media, spreading fear again. What if that 3 year old Syrian boy was a terrorist?  BASTARD! And we’ve changed our minds again.

Sunday Times Islamic State

I’ll end with this. The moral of this tale is to always pick your words carefully. David Cameron compared the tragic refugees/dirty immigrants to flies, just remember that flies like to land on shit.

Forever yours,


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