Things I Thought: September 2015

Welcome to October. Here are a few thoughts I had through September.


During my college years I went to go to Starbucks three times a week for a Grande Chocolate Cream Frappuccino which would go straight through my body! Shoot straight through the digestive system and land as a brick in my bottom. And this was before Starbucks and going to coffee shops was even cool!

But after sitting in a Starbucks two days in a row just to get their wifi, as my Internet was down, I realised one thing:

Starbucks Meme


Birdman and Boyhood are amazing films. Boyhood is one of those watch-once-in-a-lifetime films, like Titanic or Aviator or Gone With The Wind. The plot may be vacant but life can be interesting and is interesting to view in 3 hours, especially the puberty years! And Birdman, wow, actors, directors, writers must watch this!


I hate drivers who drive close behind me when I am doing the speed limit. Usually Audi drivers and BMW drivers, but this goes to ALL drivers. If I am doing the legal speed limit, don’t be annoying!

BMW Driver Meme

Thanks for reading,

Forever yours,


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