Top 5 Random Things Shouted By Rock Stars in Songs That Just Make Sense

Ever heard a rock song, where in the heat of the moment or at the height of a guitar solo the lead singer just shouts something really random? Here is my top 5 random shouts that just make sense..

5. Electric Six “STOP……CONTINUE!”

From the classic, début album Fire that features the hit Gay Bar, comes Improper Dancing by Electric Six and at 2.50 we get “stop…..continue”.  Why?  Who knows.

4 Motley Crue “ONE TIME!”

Everyone loves a good “one time!” to get the song going, and in Motley Crue’s Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), 24 seconds in, we get one…time.

3 Rage Against the Machine “BRING IT BACK THE OTHER WAY”

3mins 25secs into their song Take The Power Back, half way through a classic Tom Morello solo is the gem, “bring it back the other way”. It just makes sense! “Bring that s**t in” at 0.34 also gets an honourable mention

2 Black Sabbath “OH LORD YEAH”

I remember seeing Black Sabbath at Download Festival 2013 (and I hope to see them again in 2016), and when they started playing War Pigs a large section of the crowd shouted “OH LORD YEAH” in the epic opening verse of this song. Why is it in there? Ozzy just felt like it needed to be there.


Queen’s song One Vision ends with “gimme, gimme, gimme gimme, fried chicken!” at 3.57. Why a song that, according to the ever reliable Wikipedia, is about Martin Luther King, ends with Fried Chicken is baffling. It came about when trying to find a good way to end the song but the best thing Mercury could think of to rhyme with vision…was chicken. Delicious!

Let me know what random lyrics shouted in rock songs you love!

Thanks for reading

Forever yours,


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