Coming Over – Valentine’s Day Poem by Paul Stears

Coming Over

Jigger jigger

Feel it getting sweeter,

Running down your finger,

Sucking on a cigar.

Standing there like jerry

Hips wiggle very;

I cannot control me

Shaking hands like oh G.

Oh G oh G oh G!

Groaning like the walrus

When I hit the ‘oris.

I am coming over

Jackpot and roll over.


Hey, thanks for reading my poem! I wrote this for Valentine’s Day after watching a documentary on 50’s rock’n’roll. That genre of music used euphemistic lyrics to suggest a sexual relationship. From Tutti Frutti to a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, the music was all about sex, and it drove the parents mad with it’s risqué turn of phrase.

Coming Over may not be as subtle as the songs of the 50’s but the ubiquitousness of sex in the 2010’s allowed me to stretch the raunchiness of the poem. Whether this loss of subtlety and imagination is a good or bad thing is perhaps something you can argue over this Valentine’s Day, during your romantic, candlelit meal.

Thanks for reading.

Forever yours,


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