Four Daisies a poem by Paul Stears


Four daisies lay in a field of lush green,
The sun setting on cream soaked toes.
We four daisies lay with nothing to do,
Nowhere to go, no lessons to know.
Life standing still, just chill for our souls,
Come lay with us daisies, with no cares.
Help us find a cool breeze and easy tease,
Hot flesh of sexy souls and liquid beads,
Others sit around us sipping their wine and beers
To sweet songs of floating sounds, just clouds.
No mountains to climb or rivers to swim up.
Grass, no blades, just soft lines caressing us.
Grass underneath like a bed from nature.
Life is an easy holiday for a bright daisy,
One sunny day come join us and be lazy.

Thanks for reading.

Forever Yours,


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