I’ve Never Read Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire

The mix of the Christmas period and Harry Potter fatigue made the reading of the Goblet of Fire hard. Perhaps reading HP one after the other was not a good idea.

When I read it, I enjoyed it, but it took a lot to muster up the will to actually pick up the book and read it. As the books get thicker and I go deeper, I think HP fatigue may hit me more. I wonder whether to move on…

With the first chapter of GoF (Goblet of Fire, not Game of Frones) came a new feeling, a darker feeling, as we delved further into Voldemort’s world. Then, after a teasing chapter, we got the Quidditch world cup final.

New characters were introduced, or old characters who I did not care to remember. It went on and on. A bet was made. A seat was saved. Then finally the dark mark appeared! Then more of nothing.

I think a lot could have been cut from GoF. Hermione’s quest to free house elves, for example. And the 3 main characters all falling out with each other, one after the other.

A Hermoine-Ron love was hinted at with Krum coming in to make the situation juicier. The chapter with the ball had plenty of promise, and felt just like a school disco as I read it. However it failed to deliver in my opinion, as does the Hermoine-Ron love story. It feels more like Hermoine and Harry should get together.

Half way through GoF I was thinking, I need a break from Harry Potter. I may even read something else between this one and the 5th book.

But then, the last 100 pages happened…


Voldemort FINALLY! Voldemort! It was worth the wait. What a first show down. As I read it, I thought Voldemort better not come off looking weak! At one point I thought Rowling had ruined it as HP seemed as though he could match Voldemort’s powers.

And he sort of did. But it made sense why. It was a great ending to what felt like a slog and well worth the pages of nothing.

Now, if I were to read this with a fresh feeling, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more. Should I go straight onto the 5th? Should I read The Dark Tower series along side HP to break up reading both series. Or would that affect the experience of reading both series for the first time.

I still do not know. All I know is, I will watch the Goblet of Fire film tomorrow. Maybe that will help me make sense of a novel which took me over 4 months to read.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cover


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