Faces of a Small City


Every great love becomes with a tale that can be told for the rest of your life, this is one of those tales…


James was finding the beginnings of his adult life difficult; finding a job, finding a partner, finding a place.  Maisie was struggling to keep sane as all around her conspired against her, keeping her unhappy.  These two knew nothing of each other, existing around one another in the small city of Canterbury, until they were bought together by chance.  The problem came when trying to find each other again.


Life, friends and lessons get in the way of love as this pair; intrigued by each other for a reason only fate could know, they struggle with everything around them when all they want to do is come face to face.  Love is a daily occurrence, it is what we are born to do and so it is time to let yourself onto a ride that millions take every day, it is time to fall in love with Faces Of A Small City.






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